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Despite its reputation for cold and snow, Minneapolis has gained notoriety for its culture, including fine food and dynamic cuisines. The Twin Cities is one of the major metro hubs in the Midwest, and crammed with activities for all seasons. You’ll find a few of the most popular culinary schools right here in downtown Minneapolis--a very good sign of a robust food scene.

Restaurants are plentiful and where there are exciting and noteworthy eateries there must also be a clever chef behind the menu. Cooking school is hot and if you’re in the mood to shake up a kitchen with some innovation of your own then now may be just the time to enroll in cooking school. Thanks to pop culture T.V. sensations like Iron Chef, Essence of Emeril, and Throwdown! with Bobby Flay chefs are in high demand and regardless of economic nosedives good food remains a priority.

Minneapolis Skyline.

Choosing a Cooking School in Minneapolis

Before you select a culinary school program take some time to compare the following factors:

  • What types of degrees or programs does the school offer?
  • How much time does it take?
  • Do they have scholarships and/or financial aid?
  • Is this program designed to teach professional chefs?
  • Does the school provide career placement and career assistance?
  • Are there any student run restaurants?

The mission of most culinary arts programs is to give you all the essential training, techniques and tools you need to nurture your inner Iron Chef, but you must bring the passion and the energy. Remember, most master chefs once started their culinary careers as dishwashers and vegetable choppers.

Local Community Schools

Saint Paul College

Saint Paul College's culinary arts diploma program prepares students for culinary careers in the hospitality and restaurant industries, introducing them not only to cooking techniques and presentation but also the technical and business aspects of culinary operations.The college's culinary arts AAS degree and diploma programs are the only public education culinary programs in Minnesota that has received Exemplary Status from the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission.

Saint Paul College
235 Marshall Ave
Saint Paul, MN

Hennepin Technical College

The Culinary Arts program of Hennepin Techincal College teaches both cooking techniques and the fundamentals of restaurant operations management and business theory, giving them a solid foundation of skills they would need to build careers in haute cuisine. You'll gain a solid foundation of cooking and technique. In addition, learners are introduced to subjects such as ice carving, international cuisine, wine studies, and pulled and blown sugar.

Hennepin Technical College
9000 Brooklyn Blvd,
Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

Non-accredited Cooking Schools

Way Cool Cooking School

Culinary team building and custom cooking events for family gatherings and corporate events are the specialty of Way Cool Cooking School. It offers culinary lessons as team-building and confidence building exercises for children and adults alike.

Way Cool Cooking School
16544 W. 78th Street
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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