Where Can You Go to Cooking School in Chicago?

Culinary arts are just one facet of the cultural scene in Chicago, one of America’s most legendary and dynamic cities. The Windy City is renowned for its architectural treasures such as, Marina City, Merchandise Mart, and the Wrigley Building; and famous restaurants and expensive hotels—Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, and The Renaissance Hotel.

Chicago’s restaurants and hotels are some of the stomping grounds for today’s rising chefs and hospitality professionals.

Sampling the City’s Fare

For a taste of the city, make the rounds of the famous neighborhoods—Wrigley, Wicker Park, Chinatown, and Hyde Park, and dozens of others. Each offers up stellar selections of American and ethnic foods from inexpensive to upscale. Music and theater traditionally accompanied by restaurant outings, combine to make Chicago a rich smorgasbord of culinary cultural experience.

Getting Around Chicago

Chicago Skyline.

If you decide on a culinary program in Chicago you could be among students fresh out of high school or with working adults working toward a second career.

Navigating the city is convenient thanks to the Chicago Transit system. This network of trains (the “El”), busses, and taxis courses throughout the city.

Leading Chicago Culinary Colleges

Cooking and Hospitality Institute of Chicago, Le Cordon Bleu Program

The CHIC in Chicago is one of the most renowned culinary arts programs namely for its association with the Le Cordon Bleu Program in France. Here novice chefs learn the culinary ropes that lead them immediately to mid-level restaurant positions. You may choose from a number of Associates in Applied Science degrees, including general culinary arts and specialization in pastries and baking. Standalone culinary courses may supplement your current work as a chef or provide you with the necessary training to make a bigger career leap.

Kendall College

Kendall College offers programs for students interested in culinary arts as well as hospitality management. Expect these programs to teach you an interdisciplinary set of skills that combine both culinary skills as well as a critical set of business and modern communication and management skills. You can earn a Bachelors or Associates degrees in culinary arts and in pastry baking.

Illinois Institute of Art – Chicago

Art includes culinary learning and at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago you can learn what it takes to make a creative and innovative chef in a highly competitive field. Learn more about the Illinois Institute of Art’s professional, Associates, and Bachelors degrees in baking and pastry, cooking, general culinary arts (chef school), and in culinary and restaurant management. All the skills you need to break into a good restaurant job may be learned here.

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