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Downloadable Wine Clip Art


Bread & Wine

Bread & Wine.

A crust of brown bread lies to the left of a gold communion chalice. The chalice is filled with red wine.


Bread, Cheese & Wine

Bread, Cheese & Wine.

This is an image of a green jug of wine, Swiss cheese, and three loaves of bread. They are in front of a background with a jagged design colored gold and yellow.


Broken Glass

Broken Glass.

This is a simplistic picture of a broken glass. The glass is colored teal.


Champagne Bottle

Champagne Bottle.

A green bottle of champagne with a gold wrapper and label rests in a blue ice bucket. The bucket is on top of a red surface.


Wedding/ Anniversary / Romantic Champagne Glasses

Romantic Champagne Glasses.

Two flute glasses filled with champagne are surrounded by pink designs. A heart design colored with a dark shade of pink is between the two flutes.


Champagne Clipart

Champagne Clipart.

A glass is filled with bubbly gold champagne topped with foam. A red ribbon twists around the glass.


Grapes & Wine

Grapes & Wine.

Two glasses of red wine stand to the right of an empty green wine bottle. In the background there is a bundle of purple grapes.


Holiday Wine

Holiday Wine.

This is a bottle of holiday wine in a green bottle with a red and gold label and wrapper. It is surrounded by shrubbery on a surface of snow. In the background, there is a blue sky.




This is an image of a cocktail glass filled with a red beverage. Beside the glass there is a wedge of yellow lemon.


Martini Glass With Olive

Martini Glass.

This is an image of a green martini glass that is half full. A brown olive floats in the martini.




This is an image of a wine glass filled with dark purple merlot. Next to the glass there are purple dates and a multicolored sun design fills the background.




This is an image of a gold chalice and two slices of golden bread. The background is filled with a blue outline of the Star of David.


Pouring Wine

Pouring Wine.

Dark purple wine pours into a glass colored with a lighter shade of purple. The background is colored blue.


Server Presenting Wine Bottle

Presenting Wine.

A green-eyed server with a pompadour wears a black tuxedo and a red bow tie. He is presenting a green bottle of wine with a brown cork.


Red Wine

Red Wine.

A glass of deep red wine is to the left of a half full green bottle of wine with a brown cork. The background is purple.


Romantic Wine Glasses

Romantic Wine Glasses.

This is a simplistic image of two champagne glasses outlined in pink. Pink hearts are at the center of both glasses and a ribbon is tied around the glass to the right.


Rose Wine

Rose Wine.

A goateed man in a purple tuxedo admires a glass of wine. To the man’s right, a green bottle of wine sits next to two glasses of wine atop a table with a yellow tablecloth.




This is a cartoon image of a server in a blue vest eyeing a glass of bright red wine. He stands to the right of a table with a yellow tablecloth. The table has two glasses of wine and two brown wine bottles on top of it.


Server With Wine

Server With Wine.

A server with a thin mustache is wearing a black tuxedo and a red bow tie. He holds a green bottle filled with wine that is a dark red color.


Wine Sipping

Sipping Wine.

In profile, a ginger-haired woman in a pink top sips wine. It is red wine.


Sparkling Champagne

Sparkling Champagne.

A groom’s ringed hand pours golden champagne into a sparkling glass. The glass is held by the ringed hand of the bride. The background is purple.


St. Patricks Day Wine

St. Patricks Day Wine.

Two wine glasses with heart designs stand to the right of a bottle decorated with a blue ribbon. The background is a dark green design.


Waiter Serving Wine

Waiter Serving Wine.

This is an image of a snooty waiter with slicked back hair wearing a black tuxedo. He holds a glass on a serving tray.


Wine & Grapes

Wine & Grapes.

Red wine fills a glass standing behind a brown bowl filled with green grapes. The background is a light shade of purple.


Wine Bottle

Wine Bottle.

This is an image of a black and white wine bottle to the left of a duplicate wine bottle in color. The bottle to the right is purple with a gold wrapper and a silver label. It has a brown cork.


Wine Glass

Wine Glass.

This is an image of a wine glass. It is filled with pink rosé wine.


Wine Glasses

Wine Glasses.

This is an image of two flute glasses. They are filled with bubbly gold champagne.


Wine on Ice

Wine on Ice.

This is an image of a green bottle of champagne with a gold wrapper resting in a clear bucket of ice. The image is outlined with yellow and green.


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