Free Eating Clipart!

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Downloadable Food Eating Clip Art


Baby Eating

Baby Eating.

A baby sitting on a high chair with a silver tray cries. A red bowl and yellow spoon sit untouched on the tray. The baby wears a green shirt and a yellow bib.




A man sitting on a purple chair at a table with a green tablecloth eats spaghetti with meatballs. He has a smile on his face and he holds a red meatball at the end of a fork.


Girl Eating

Girl Eating.

A girl wearing a purple and green jumper is eating soup. She has brown hair tied in the back into a bun.


Man Eating

Man Eating.

A man eats a hamburger with bright green lettuce on it. He has red curly hair, and he wears a yellow shirt with a red collar.


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