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We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of chefs, cooks, waiters, waitresses, and servers.

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Downloadable Chef Clip Art


Asian Chef

Asian Chef.

A cartoonish-looking Asian chef wearing a white hat and white apron over a black jacket holds a ladle with a yellow bowl. In the background there are circular designs around the outline of a square.


Chef Cutting Vegetables

Chef Cutting Vegetables.

A brawny chef with blue eyes and a big smile cuts green vegetables on a wooden cutting board. He wears a white chef’s hat and a blue apron.


Chef Headshot

Chef Headshot.

This is a cartoon headshot of a fat chef wearing a large white chef’s hat. He has red hair and wide bushy mustache.


Chef Logo

Chef Logo.

This image is a silhouetted side profile of a chef wearing a tall hat made to look like the Facebook logo. The chef silhouette is colored white and blue. The background is a dark shade of blue.


Chef With Ice Cream

Chef With Ice Cream.

A chef wearing a white jacket and a white hat carries two trays. On one tray is a glass of pink rosé wine, and on the other there are two bowls of colorful ice cream. The chef wears teal pants and he has a black pencil mustache.




This is an image of a chef wearing a blue jacket and a blue hat. He has a black pencil mustache. He holds a gray mixing bowl and a blue whisk.


Cook With Food

Cook With Food.

Depicted in the picture is a red-haired chef with a goatee. He is wearing a greenish apron with yellow trim. On a metal skillet with a red handle, the chef holds two white eggs with bright yellow yolks.


Fast Food Server

Fast Food Server.

A smiling fast food server with a yellow and red uniform holds a tray of food over his shoulder. There is a burger along with a red cup of soda sitting on the tray.


Japanese Chef

Japanese Chef.

This is a cartoon image of a short Japanese chef. He wears a tall white hat and a white jacket. The chef has his arms cross in front of him.


Serving Plate

Serving Plate.

This is a picture of a silver serving tray with a handled lid. There is a hand underneath the tray holding it up.


Serving Platter

Serving Platter.

In this picture, a cartoonish chef holds a gold serving platter with a lid. He wears a tall white hat and a chef’s jacket, and he has a gold towel on his arm.


Waiter With Drink

Waiter With Drink.

This image depicts the side profile of a waiter wearing a black and white tuxedo. The waiter has gelled black hair, and he holds a martini glass on a tray.


Waiter With Food

Waiter With Food.

A snooty waiter holds a silver serving platter high in the air. He wears a red vest with a black bowtie, and he has a pencil thin mustache. The background is gold and contains the white outline of a dining table with a candle and a wine glass on it.


Waiter With Wine

Waiter With Wine.

A green-eyed waiter with a blonde pompadour presents a green bottle of corked wine. He wears a black tuxedo with a red bow tie.




A waiter wears a black bow tie and pants. He has neatly brushed blonde hair and a white towel hanging over his arm. In his hand, he holds a saucer with a green mug full of coffee. He stands in front of a gold background.




A diner waitress with brown hair is wearing a yellow dress. High above her head, she holds a purple platter with a silver pot of coffee, an orange carafe of cream, and a beige mug full of coffee.


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