Free Birthday Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free honey + bee clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of birthday cakes, presents, parties, supplies, and more graphics!

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Downloadable Birthday Clip Art


1st Birthday

1st Birthday.

A green number one with cartoon eyes wears a blue party hat and holds a present wrapped with yellow paper and a bright red bow. Next to it there is a stack of yellow, purple, and blue gift boxes. In front of the gift boxes, there is a card with a picture of a birthday cake and balloons on it.


16th Birthday

16th Birthday.

Purple, green, and blue birthday presents tied with colorful bows sit in front of a large depiction of the number 16. The number 16 is colored red, orange, and yellow. Behind the number there is a large yellow background design.


18th Birthday

18th Birthday.

A large depiction of the number 18 colored yellow, green, and orange stands behind a cream-colored birthday cake topped with chocolate frosting and purple candies. All around the picture there are pink, yellow, blue, and green star designs and streamers.


20th Birthday

20th Birthday.

This is a depiction of the number 20. The “2” and “0” both have cartoon eyes and arms and the two digits hold a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. There are bursts of color and streamers above the 20.


21st Birthday

21st Birthday.

This image shows the number 21 fashioned with a retro flair. The 21 is colored pink and striped with red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Bright birthday balloons are tied around both the 2 and the 1.


30th Birthday

30th Birthday.

A large number 30 sits atop a pink birthday cake with yellow frosting. The cake is surrounded by a purple gift box, a green gift box with yellow polka dots, and a blue gift box with yellow polka dots. In the background, there is a pointed design of a star.


40th Birthday

40th Birthday.

In this picture there is a birthday card with purple cake topped with cream-colored frosting. A green number 40 is above the cake in the picture and there are fuchsia, pink, green, and blue balloons on it as well. The birthday card rests on a purple present tied with a yellow bow.


50th Birthday

50th Birthday.

This is a depiction of a gold-colored number 50 covered with yellow designs. In front of the 50 there is a green gift box tied with a blue bow, and there is multicolored confetti all around as well.


60th Birthday

60th Birthday.

A sullen older woman with short grey hair and a purple blouse rests her head in the palm of her hand. On a table in front of her, there is a birthday cake with white and green frosting with two lit candles showing the number 60.


Birthday Baby

Birthday Baby.

A diapered baby boy with a pointy purple party hat and neatly parted brown hair holds a red and a blue balloon. Beside him there is a yellow birthday present tied with a green bow.


Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake.

A cake with white and blue frosting sits on top of a silver platter. There is a single lit candle on the cake and it has a red flame.


Birthday Cupcake

Birthday Cupcake.

This is a birthday cupcake with a blue wrapper and yellow frosting. It has a single green candle stuck into it and the flame is yellow, red, and orange.


Birthday Flower

Birthday Flower.

This is a cartoon image of a smiling purple flower with a blushing face. The flower is wearing a tasseled birthday hat colored both pink and purple.


Birthday Gift

Birthday Gift.

This is a picture of a birthday present wrapped with shiny blue paper. It has a neat and bright red bow tied around it.


Birthday Hat

Birthday Hat.

This is a pointy birthday hat colored a shade of red spotted with purple, green, and blue designs. The hat is capped with a large golden ball.


Birthday Party Supplies

Birtday Party Supplies.

Depicted is a series of birthday party supplies. There is a pointy party hat striped with red, yellow, and white, as well as confetti and both a red and a blue pair of noisemakers.


Birthday Party

Birthday Party.

A grinning man with tussled brown hair wears a collared shirt with a loosened red tie and a birthday hat striped with white and red. He is waving one arm and holding an empty martini glass in the other.


Birthday Wish

Birthday Wish.

A little girl with brown hair and a green top wears a blue party hat with green, orange, red, and white polka dots. She is surrounded by colorful balloons and sits behind a cake with chocolate frosting and five lit candles.


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Cake.

This is an image of a chocolate cake with red frosting. On top of the cake is a single candle with a yellow flame.


Gift With Balloons

Gift With Balloons.

This is a birthday present with a bright red bow in front of a blue background. Tied around the present are three balloons colored red, green, and blue.


Happy Birthday Card

Happy Birthday Card.

This is a template for a birthday card. In blue, the card reads “Happy Birthday!” It is bordered with colorful images of birthday cakes, party hats, bows, and flowers.


Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday.

This image reads “Happy Birthday” in purple block lettering in front of a set multicolored party balloons. There is a yellow background.


Party Supplies

Party Supplies.

This picture depicts different birthday party supplies. There is multicolored confetti, a yellow and a red balloon, and a party hat striped with yellow and red.


Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake.

This is a strawberry birthday cake with blue frosting and heart designs sitting on top of a pink platter. On top of the cake, there are three lit candles colored green.


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