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We are proud to offer one of the best and most comprensive collections of free drink clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of water, milk, juice, tea, coffee, root beer, soda, and more graphics!

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Downloadable Drinks Clip Art


Cherry Juice

Cherry Juice.

This is a picture of a juice box decorated with green stripes, yellow, and red. There is an image of two red cherries on the juice box. In front of the juice box, there are three chocolate covered pastries with cherries on top.


Coffee Cup

Coffee Cup.

Depicted is a light blue coffee cup on a saucer. The cup is filled with rich brown coffee.


Coffee Machine

Coffee Machine.

This is an image of a pot on the burner on a black coffee machine. The pot is filled with brown coffee. There is a gold-colored design in the background.


Coffee Maker

Coffee Maker.

This picture shows a traditional coffee maker that is beige-colored. An orange handled pot filled with black coffee sits on the burner. There is a brown background.


Coffee Mug

Coffee Mug.

This is an image of a tall coffee mug with steam rising from it. The mug is orange and has green stripes and yellow polka dots. There is a brown muffin in a red wrapper in front of the mug.


Coffee Pot

Coffee Pot.

Depicted is a glass coffee pot. The glass is a grayish color, and the pot has a red handle and rim.




This is a cup of coffee on a saucer with steam rising from it. The cup and saucer have designs colored blue, orange, pink, yellow, and green. Dark brown coffee fills the cup.




This is a green cup of espresso atop a saucer. Orange lines of steam rise from the espresso.


Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa.

This image depicts a green mug filled with hot cocoa. The cocoa is a dark brown color, and black wavy lines of steam rise from the cocoa.


Milk & Cheese

Milk & Cheese.

This picture shows a glass of white milk. It stands in front of a large block of yellowish Swiss cheese.


Milk Carton

Milk Carton.

Green stripes decorate an opened white carton of milk. “Milk” is printed in black on the label.


Milk Gallon

Milk Gallon.

This is a gallon of milk in a plastic container. The container has a blue cap and a beige-colored label.




Depicted is a glass of white milk. The glass is half full.




A blue straw and a yellow straw rise from a tall glass filled with a milkshake. Two large scoops of ice cream, one vanilla and the other strawberry, reach beyond the rim of the glass. A generous helping of chocolate syrup is drizzled atop the ice cream scoops.


Root Beer Soda

Root Beer Soda.

This is a glass filled with dark brown root beer. The root beer is topped with a frothy head of foam and the drink fizzes with carbonation. A red and white striped straw floats in the glass.


Soda Pop Can

Soda Pop Can.

This picture depicts an aluminum pop-top can of soda. The can is orange with a silver top.


Tea Cup

Tea Cup.

In front of a green background, a yellow tea cup sits atop a saucer. A green teabag and a brown teabag hang from the side of the cup. Wavy lines of steam rise from the tea.




This is a beige-colored cup of tea. Black tea fills the inside of the cup. The background is a design of a green house.


Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice.

Bright red tomato juice fills a clear glass with a yellow outline. A tomato with a green stem sits to the right of the glass.


Water Bottle

Water Bottle.

This is a blue plastic water bottle with a yellow cap. A hand holds the bottle in the air.


Water Machine

Water Machine.

A jug colored with shades of blue sits on top of a water machine. The machine is colored light brown, and the water nozzle is red and white.




This is an image of water dripping into a pool. The water is bright blue.


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