Free Vegetable Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best and most comprensive collections of free wine clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of cabbage, carrots, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, corn, pepper, and more graphics!

No need to worry about downloading & uploading these pictures – we host them for free :)

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Downloadable Vegetables Clip Art


Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper.

This picture depicts an overhead view of a red bell pepper. It is in front of a lavender background.




This is a picture of a bundle of neon-green broccoli. It is in front of a gray background.




This is an image of a head of light-green cabbage. It grows in a patch of green leaves.




This is an orange carrot. A green stalk grows from the top of the carrot.


Celery Clipart

Celery Clipart.

This is a cartoon image of a smiling stalk of celery. The celery stalk is green with big eyes, arms, and legs.




This is a realistic picture of a celery stalk. It is green.


Colorful Jalepeno Peppers

Colorful Jalepeno Peppers.

This image depicts three colorful jalapenos. One is red, another is green, and the third is yellow.


Corn Clipart

Corn Clipart.

This picture is of a pair of corncobs. The corn itself is bright yellow and the corncobs are wrapped with neon-green husks.




This is a picture of a single corncob. The corn is yellow and it has a green husk.


Cucumber Slice

Cucumber Slice.

This image depicts a single slice of green cucumber. At the center of the slice there are seeds.


Cucumber Slices

Cucumber Slices.

This is an image of a sliced cucumber with a dark green exterior and a light green interior. Four slices lie to the right of the cucumber.




This is a picture of a dark green cucumber that is unsliced. It is on an olive green surface.




This is an image of two whole cucumbers. They have dark green exteriors.




This is a picture of a shiny eggplant. It has a dark purple exterior.


Flaming Hot Sauce

Flaming Hot Sauce.

This is an image of a cartoon red pepper with arms and legs. The pepper holds a bottle of hot sauce and is dripping the red sauce on the ground. The hot sauce is literally on fire with a bright orange flame.




This picture depicts a clove of garlic. The garlic clove is colored with shades of white and gray.




This is a ginseng root with a green stalk growing from the top of the root. The root itself is colored with a shade of orange, and the stalk growing out of it is bright green.


Green Peppers

Green Peppers.

This is a side-view of two peppers. One is bright red and the other is green.


Hot Sauce

Hot Sauce.

This is an image of a cartoon red pepper with arms and legs hugging a bottle of hot sauce. The hot sauce is red and the bottle has a yellow label with a red pepper on it.


Jalepeno Pepper

Jalepeno Pepper.

This is a cartoon image of a red jalapeno pepper wearing a giant yellow sombrero in front of a Mayan pyramid. A bright golden sun rises from behind the pyramid.


Jalepeno Peppers

Jalepeno Peppers.

This is an image of two red jalapeno peppers. Behind the jalapenos there is a brown sombrero with a jagged yellow design on its brim.


Lettuce Clipart

Lettuce Clipart.

This is a head of lettuce. The lettuce is an olive green color.




This is an image of a single head of lettuce. The lettuce is a light green color.


Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom.

This picture depicts a magic mushroom with a bright purple cap with yellow spots. The mushroom has a stalk that is colored with a lighter shade of purple.


Mushroom Clipart

Mushroom Clipart.

A mushroom grows out of a clump of light green grass. The mushroom has a white stalk and a tan-colored cap.


Mushroom Graphic

Mushroom Graphic.

This is an image of a mushroom. It has a white and tan-colored cap with brown spots.


Mushroom Picture

Mushroom Picture.

This is a picture of a white mushroom in front of a green background. The mushroom’s stalk has jagged red markings on it.


Mushroom With Ladybug

Mushroom With Ladybug.

A chocolate-colored mushroom grows in a clump of green grass. A red ladybug with black spots and a light brown leaf lie atop the mushroom’s cap.




This picture depicts two mushrooms, one large and the other small. Both mushrooms have brown caps with white spots.




This is an image of two mushrooms, one in front of the other. The mushroom in front has a red cap with yellow and white spots, and the mushroom behind it has a pink cap.




This is an image of eight peas in a pod. Both the pod and the peas are colored with shades of green.




This is a bell pepper. It is yellow.




This is a cartoon image of a red jalapeno pepper and a yellow bell pepper. Both the peppers are smiling and both peppers have arms and expressive eyes.


Portabella Mushroom

Portabella Mushroom.

This picture depicts a portabella mushroom atop a green surface. The mushroom has a brown cap and is further colored with lighter shades of brown.




This is a baked potato that has been cut into. It has a dark brown skin and a fluffy white interior.




Depicted is a shiny pumpkin. It is orange.


Red Tomato

Red Tomato.

Portrayed is a realistic image of a tomato. It is a dark red color with a black stem.


Tomato Clipart

Tomato Clipart.

This is a picture of a shiny tomato. It is red and has a green stem.


Tomato Juice

Tomato Juice.

Bright red tomato juice fills a glass outlined in yellow. A red tomato with a green stem sits to the side of the glass of juice.




This is a red tomato with a green stem. It is in front of a bright blue background.


Vegetable Plate

Vegetable Plate.

This image depicts vegetables on a plate with a blue rim. There are two red tomatoes, two green cucumbers, two orange carrots, and a single yellowish onion.




This picture depicts vegetables on a lavender surface. There are two slices of red pepper, a single unsliced red pepper, three tan-colored onions, an onion sliced in half, a light green jalapeno, and a sprig of parsley.


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