Free Breakfast Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free honey + bee clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of cereal, pancakes, toast, eggs, juices, and more graphics!

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Downloadable Breakfast Clip Art


Breakfast Sausage

Breakfast Sausage.

A breakfast sausage sits on top of a purple checkered napkin. There are two pieces of sliced ham on top of a piece of toast resting on top of the sausage. There is also a red glazed pastry and a green vegetable.


Cereal Bowl

Cereal Bowl.

A spoon scoops milk and breakfast cereal out of a bowl. There are blueberries in the cereal and the bowl is in front of a yellow background.




A blue box of cereal and a beige box of cereal stand next to each other. Beside the boxes of cereal, a spoon sticks out of a yellow bowl full of oatmeal.


Full English Breakfast

Full English Breakfast.

A large plate covered in breakfast foods sits on top of a pink napkin and a blue napkin. There are white eggs with bright yellow yolks, red sliced tomatoes, linked sausage, and a sprig of green parsley on the plate. Beside the plate, there are two slices of brown toast.




This is an image of a large croissant. The croissant is colored light brown.


Eggs, Hashbrowns & Sausage

Eggs, Hashbrowns & Sausage.

On top of a beige plate, there are two white eggs with yellow yolks, thin-sliced sausage, and a pile of golden hashbrowns. Thick gray steam rises from the plate of piping hot breakfast foods.




A straw sticks out of a juice box colored with green stripes, yellow, and red. There is a picture of a cherry on the juice box. Beside the juice, there are three pastries with cherries on top frosted with chocolate.


Pancakes & Syrup


Butter melts on top of a stack of four brown pancakes covered in maple syrup. The pancakes are on a lavender dish next to a handled glass filled with amber colored syrup.


Strawberry Jelly

Strawberry Jelly.

This is an open jar of bright red strawberry jelly speckled with black seeds. Jelly is stuck to the rim of the jar and the jar’s lid rests against the jar.


Toast & Coffee


A mug with a purple and white design on it sits on top of a saucer which is on a lime green piece of fabric. To the right, there is a red basket filled with three pieces of light brown toast.




Two pieces of light brown toast pop out of a toaster. The toaster is colored with two shades of pink.


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