Free St. Patrick's Day Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free St. Patrick's Day clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of leprachauns, four-leaf clovers, gold, green beer and more graphics!

No need to worry about downloading & uploading these pictures – we host them for free :)

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Downloadable Clip Art


4 Leaf Clover

4 Leaf Clover.

This is a four leaf clover. It is colored with a shade of light green.


3 Leaf Clover

3 Leaf Clover.

This is an image of a cartoon three leaf clover smoking a pipe. The clover has big eyes, black eyebrows, and a beard.


Animated Beer Mug

Animated Beer Mug.

Depicted is an animated mug of beer with side-glancing eyes and a frothy head of foam. The mug is brown and gold and it stands in front of an olive green background.


Beer Keg

Beer Keg.

This is an image of a blue stein of beer with a frothy head in front of two brown barrels of beer. A dark green design fills the background and a sprig of hops sits between the barrels and the stein.


Beer Tap

Beer Tap.

This picture depicts two golden mugs of beer with frothy heads next to an old-fashioned beer keg and tap. A dark green design fills the background.




Two tall mugs filled with amber-colored beer topped with white foam stand in front of a dark green design that fills the background. A sprig of fresh hops sits in the foreground.


Drinking Beer

Drinking Beer.

A man holds a brown mug of beer topped with an overflowing white head. The man wears an outfit that is colored a bright green color.




A cartoon Earth runs around a smaller globe. The cartoon Earth wears sunglasses and yellow shorts decorated with shamrocks. The cartoon Earth holds a white board and a large green shamrock.


Gold Coins

Gold Coins.

This is a stack of six coins. They are gold.


Green Beer

Green Beer.

This is an image of a green mug of beer. It is topped with a foamy head colored green.


Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patricks Day.

This image depicts a woman holding a tray of glasses filled with amber-colored beer. She wears a green low-cut top and a wide brimmed hat with a buckle on it.




This is a sprig of green-colored hops. It is in front of a light-green leaf pattern.


Leprechaun Hat

Leprechaun Hat.

This is an image of a wide-brimmed green leprechaun hat with a buckle. There is a shamrock tucked into the black band of the hat.


Leprechaun Shoes

Leprechaun Shoes.

This is an image of a pair of brown-colored leprechaun shoes next two a green leprechaun hat filled with gold. The shoes and the hat are on a light-brown surface.




This is a smiling leprechaun holding a cane. He wears a green top hat and a green outfit with a bow tie.


Pot Luck

Pot Luck.

This is an image of a brown pot overflowing with gold. There are also two green shamrocks in the picture.


Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold.

This is a shiny brown pot. It is overflowing with gold.


Rainbow With a Pot of Gold

Rainbow With a Pot of Gold.

This is an image of a rainbow coming out of a pot of gold. The pot is colored silver.




In this picture, a rainbow emerges from behind a white cloud in a light blue sky. The rainbow extends beyond the green hills.


Rainbow With Gold

Rainbow With Gold.

This is an image of a house in the countryside. In the background behind a green hill, a rainbow extends across the purple sky.


St. Patrick's Beer

St. Patricks Beer.

This is a picture of a tall glass filled with amber-colored beer topped by a frothy white head. The glass has a shamrock design etched into it.


St. Patrick's Celebration

St. Patricks Celebration.

A golden mug of beer overflowing with a frothy white head sits on top of a brown barrel. The background is a field of green.


St. Patrick's Day Border

St. Patricks Day Border.

This is a template with a St. Patrick’s Day theme. It features two bordered areas for pictures, a tan-colored background, shamrocks, a leprechaun hat, and a mug of beer.


St. Patrick's Day Clipart

St. Patricks Day Clipart.

This is an image of a green leprechaun hat, a beer barrel, and a beer stein overflowing with foam. The background is silver and white.


St. Patrick's Wine

St. Patricks Wine.

This picture shows two glasses with pink hearts on them next to a wine bottle wrapped with a blue bow. A dark green design fills the background.


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