Free Valentine's Day Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free Valentine's Day clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of hearts, cupid, couples, bears, love, chocolates, cake, champagne, roses, other flowers and more graphics!

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Downloadable Valentine's Day Clip Art


Two Hearts as One

Two Hearts as One.

This is an image of two cartoon hearts holding hands. The boy heart is red with a blue bow tie, and the girl heart is pink with a yellow hair bow.


2 Hearts

2 Hearts.

This is an image of two hearts, one in front of the other. The heart in front is a darker shade of pink while the heart behind it is a lighter shade of pink.


All My Love

All My Love.

This is an image of a red heart that reads “All my love.” It is decorated with white flowers.


Angel of Love

Angel of Love.

At the center of this image, it reads in purple “angel of LOVE.” A cartoon angel sticks its head out from the “O” and the rest of the frame is filled with hearts both big and small.


Arrow Through My Heart

Arrow Through My Heart.

An arrow sticks through a large red heart. Smaller red hearts surround the larger heart in a circle.


Balloon and Heart

Balloon and Heart.

A nerdy man with parted hair and a green bow tie holds a large red heart under his arm. In his other hand, he holds a string extending down from a red balloon.




This is an image of two golden bells. They are wrapped together with a red bow.


Box of Valentines Chocolates

Box of Valentines Chocolates.

This picture depicts a pink heart-shaped box of chocolates tied with a red ribbon. A white piece of paper is tucked under the red ribbon.




This is a butterfly with two heart-shaped wings colored pink. Blue flower petals fill the background behind the butterfly.




A white wedding cake outlined with green is topped by figurines of a bride and a groom. In the background, there is a green and gray design.


Chocolate and Roses

Chocolate and Roses.

Chocolates with white glazing fill a pink heart-shaped box. Red roses with green stems lie to the right of the box of chocolates on a yellow surface.


Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate Boxes.

This picture depicts an opened box of red heart-shaped chocolates with an untied ribbon on top of the box. To the right of the box, there is a duplicate box of chocolates rendered in black and white.


Chocolate Heart

Chocolate Heart.

Chocolates lie on top of a pink heart in an opened green box with a ribbon. Two lavender coffee cups sit to the left of the box.


Chocolate Hearts

Chocolate Hearts.

This image depicts two identical heart-shaped boxes, one in black and white and the other in color, next to each other. The box in color is red with a yellow ribbon.


Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles.

This is an image of two chocolate truffles. One truffle is still in its wrapper, but the other has been sliced in half, revealing its nougat and caramel center.


Couple in Love

Couple in Love.

A cartoon man and woman who both have purple hearts for eyes stand next to each other. They are surrounded by hearts colored red, pink, purple, and orange.


Cow in Love

Cow in Love.

A white cow with heart-shaped black spots holds a bundle of hearts on stems in its mouth. A large pink heart fills the background.




Holding his bow, a naked Cupid stands astride a blue cloud with arrows at his feet as he gazes downward at his next target. “Happy St. Valentine’s Day!” is printed below Cupid in red lettering.




This image depicts two winged cupids with flower crowns. The cupids hold a large red heart tied with a lavender ribbon between them.


Happy Valentines Day Clipart

Happy Valentines Day Clipart.

This is an image of a red heart with “Happy Valentines Day!” printed on it in white font. There is a fountain pen with a golden tip lying on the heart.


Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day.

A woman with black hair embraces a man wearing a light green shirt in front of a pink background. Beside the couple, it reads “Happy Valentines Day!” in red lettering.


Happy Valentines

Happy Valentines.

This is an image of a happy cartoon woman holding a box of chocolates in a red heart-shaped box tied with a pink ribbon. The woman wears a blue top and a purple skirt.


Heart Cake

Heart Cake.

This is an image of a heart-shaped cake with candles on top it. The cake has pink frosting and a brown outer layering.


Heart Clipart

Heart Clipart.

This is a heart. It is red.


Heart of Flowers

Heart of Flowers.

Green vines twist into the shape of a heart. Orange, pink, and red hearts grow on the vines.




This is a heart. It is pink.




This image depicts a tall and skinny cartoon woman wearing a lime green dress. She is surrounded by hearts colored red, pink, purple, and orange.


Holding Hands

Holding Hands.

A man and a woman in silhouette hold hands on a beach colored with shades of orange. As they gaze at a setting sun in the distance, a large red heart rises above them.


I Love You Clipart

I Love You Clipart.

Pink, red, and yellow flowers decorate a green wreath. At the center of the wreath, “I love you!” is printed in pink cursive lettering.


I Love You

I Love You.

A cartoon man with purple hearts for eyes stands behind green lettering that reads “I LOVE YOU.” Purple, pink, red, and orange hearts fill the background.


Ice Cream

Ice Cream.

An orange spoon sticks out of the ice cream filling a stemmed glass. Hearts shaded red and pink fill the background.


Key to My Heart

Key to My Heart.

This is an image of a lock shaped like a red heart. A golden key unlocks the heart.


Love Bee

Love Bee.

A yellow and black bumblebee flies past several hearts. The hearts are colored orange, pink, and purple.


Love Clipart

Love Clipart.

The word “Love” is printed on a banner in pink lettering. There is a large red heart behind the banner.


Love Teddy Bear

Love Teddy Bear.

This is a cartoon teddy bear wearing a black and white checkered hat. He holds a large red heart.




This is an image of a red heart. A purple banner with the word “love” on it wraps around the heart.


Luv U Sweetheart Clipart Drawing

Luv U.

This is a pink candy heart. “Luv U” is etched into the candy.


My Crush

My Crush.

A little cartoon man holds a red heart-shaped box of chocolates close to his chest. The little man has big blue eyes and parted blonde hair.


My Heart

My Heart.

A cartoon man wearing a blue sport coat holds out a red heart in his hands. Beams of golden light shine out of the heart.


Red Rose

Red Rose.

This is an image of a red rose in a holder with heart designs carved into it. On either side of the rose are two glasses of champagne and little heart-shaped candles.


Romantic Cake

Romantic Cake.

A baker with a white hat and apron admires a chocolate layer cake with yellow icing. The background is purple with pink and red hearts.


Romantic Champagne Glasses

Romantic Champagne Glasses.

This is an image of two pink glasses of champagne. Pink hearts float in both glasses, and a pink ribbon is tied around one of the glasses.


Romantic Champagne

Romantic Champagne.

This picture depicts two glasses filled with pink bubbly champagne. A large pink heart and other pink designs make up the background.


Rose and Chocolates

Rose and Chocolate.

This is a red heart-shaped box of chocolates. A pink ribbon is tied around the box and a pink rose with a green stem is tucked underneath the ribbon.


Valentines Bear

Valentines Bear.

A brown teddy bear with a bow tied around its neck holds a pink heart. In the background there is a heart design decorated with stripes of purple.


Valentine Chocolate Candy

Valentine Chocolate Candy.

This is an image of four Valentine’s candies. They are chocolate.


Valentines Cake

Valentines Cake.

This is a chocolate cake with pink frosting. The cake is lined with whipped cream with cherries on top. A red ribbon is wrapped around the cake.


Valentines Chocolate Box

Valentines Chocolate Box.

This is an opened box of many different chocolate candies. Pink and white roses are next to the box as is a card that reads “Happy St. Valentines Day!” in purple lettering.


Valentines Rose

Valentines Rose.

This is a red rose with a green stem. It is in front of a blue background.


Valentines Roses

Valentines Roses.

This picture depicts two roses on green stems. The roses are red and yellow.


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