Free Meat Clipart!

We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free Meat clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of a cheeseburgers, hot dogs, ham, turkey, sausage and more graphics!

No need to worry about downloading & uploading these pictures – we host them for free :)

Once you right click on an image it will automatically pop up a box with the embed code for that image, and then you can quickly embed the image into your WordPress blog, website, or forum. We offer both standard HTML embed code as well as bb/forum code, and you can use this code on virtually any type of website – Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga, hi5, Orkut, Piczo & Friendster. Teachers and students can also use these for school.

Downloadable Meats Clip Art




This image shows a slab of light pink-colored beef. It sits on a surface that is colored a darker shade of pink.




This is an image of a hamburger. It consists of a brown beef patty, a slice of American cheese, green lettuce, and red tomato all between two golden buns.




This picture depicts a bucket of fried chicken. A drumstick with brown skin rests against a bucket labeled “Chicken” in red font.


Cooked Steak

Cooked Steak.

This is a picture of a cooked steak on a white dinner plate. A silver fork and knife sit on either side of the steak that is colored brown and tan.




This is a slab of ham in front of a red background. It is colored pink and a white bone sticks out of the ham.




This is a hamburger prepared with a brown beef patty, green lettuce, yellow mustard, and red ketchup. It is on two golden sesame seed buns.


Hot Dog

Hot Dog.

This is an image of a pink hot dog on a golden bun. Yellow mustard is drizzled on the hot dog.




This is an image of a fawn-colored cartoon dog holding up a hunk of meat on the bone. The meat is colored red and pink, and the bone sticking out of the meat is white.


Raw Steak


This is an image of a raw steak resting on a green surface. The raw meat is colored red and the bone it is on is colored white.




This is a picture of a sliced cartoon sausage and a cartoon slice of sausage holding hands. The sausages have expressive eyes, red skins, and pink interiors.




This is an image of different varieties of sliced sausages on a white serving platter. The sausages are colored in different shades of pink, and the serving platter is on a blue surface.


Turkey Leg

Turkey Leg.

This is a turkey leg. It is on a white bone and it is covered with a golden brown skin.




This is an image of a whole cooked turkey on a white plate. It is covered with a golden brown skin, and it has two large legs with white bones sticking out of it.


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