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We are proud to offer one of the best collections of free clip art on the web. Simply browse through the below clipart and right click on the one you want. We offer pictures of cows, horses, hens, pigs, farming equipment and more.

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Once you right click on an image it will automatically pop up a box with the embed code for that image, and then you can quickly embed the image into your WordPress blog, website, or forum. We offer both standard HTML embed code as well as bb/forum code, and you can use this code on virtually any type of website – Facebook, MySpace, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Xanga, hi5, Orkut, Piczo & Friendster. Teachers and students can also use these for school.

Specific Animals:

Downloadable Farming Clip Art


Barn With Hay

Barn With Hay.

This is a picture of a brown barn with a pitched roof sitting between two large bushes atop a patch of bright green grass. In the foreground, a tall stack of golden hay rises from the ground.







In this image, a chocolate-colored bison with two protruding horns stares to the right of frame. It has cloven hooves and stands firmly atop a silver boulder.


Breads and Toppings in Grocery Store

Breads and Toppings in Grocery Store.


Cheese Plate

Cheese Plate.


Cheese Slice

Cheese Slice.




This picture shows green crops, some tall and some squat, shooting out of a plot of dark brown soil. In the background to the left, the yellow sun rises.







This clip art depicts a little girl in a lavender dress with a bright red bow in her hair as she feeds grass to a pony wearing a red saddle. The beige pony has brown spots and a flowing mane colored off-white.


Farm Land

Farm Land.

This picture contains a swath of verdant farmland in the foreground. A field of golden crops rises in the middle distance. Far off on the horizon, a yellow sun shines in a pale blue sky.





Goat Drawing

Goat Drawing.




This picture depicts a fawn-colored goat with two brown horns. The goat has bright blue eyes and a scruff of hair on its chin.


Grains and Oils

Grains and Oils.







This piece of clip art is of a four-pronged pitchfork. The metal prongs are silver, and the wooden handle is brown.




In front of a blue sky and green vegetation, a yellow tractor with two big back wheels drags a plow behind it. The red plows shapes the brown soil beneath it.


Soups and Sauces

Soups and Sauces.


Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese.




A tractor with a single yellow seat and silver tires is on top of a mound of brown soil. The tractor has a green engine covering and a black steering wheel.




A white windmill with exposed brick, one window, and a brown roof stands atop a hill on green grass. Far off in the background, there is a small town with white buildings with brown roofs.


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