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Vote for the Most Disgusting Delicacy in the World

disgusting delicacies

While putting together our list of disgusting delicacies we realized that we may have missed some, and that our audience would likely be able to outmatch our choices. Hundreds of great entries poured in, and you guys listed some interesting dishes!

Which of these delicacies is the most disgusting?

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Need more background information? Here are links to more information for the finalist entries for the crown of world’s most disgusting delicacy.

The winning submission will win $500. Voting ends at noon Eastern on April 13th. Best of luck to the entrants! We track IP addresses to prevent vote stuffing and other such gaming attempts.

Update: Below is a snapshot we took to record the final results. Congratulations to Jianu Lucian for the winning entry.

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29 Comments on “Vote for the Most Disgusting Delicacy in the World”

  1. DeezGusting « 10¢ Lullaby Says:

    […] […]

  2. Annabel Says:


    Just to add on the above list.
    You may click on the above link for the most disgusting “delicacies” in the world (See pic 1 and video 4/6). It’s available in Chile and Korea, they called it Sea Squirt.


  3. Neil Says:

    Your missing something that should be in the list. I just found out about this today after reading a local english newspaper (hangzhou weekly).

    In Dongyang, Zhejiang in China, ‘Virgin boy urine eggs’ are sold during springtime. That’s right, eggs boiled in a vat of boy’s urine! According to the article that appeared on 3/21/2011, this is how the eggs are cooked: ‘in a large pan full of boiling urine (with a layer of foam frothing on the surface), carefully washed eggs (duh!) are placed into the pan one by one. After the eggs are boiled, the eggs are cracked and placed back into a pan of fresh urine. The eggs are boiled for one day and one night, the article further stated. Tasty, eh?

    Apparently, this is part of Dongyang’s cultural heritage and some patrons praise the eggs for their ‘delicious smell’. Wait, I’m going to puke first…

  4. krishna prasad bastola Says:

    i am just new to this site … i think monkey brain is the most disgusting meat delicacy in my opinion. Thank you for your cooperation.

  5. Yoke Says:

    Dog meat as the most disgusting? REALLY people?! Ugh, I’ll take a nice K-nine steak before I drink a frog smootie, or eat a monkey’s brains, thank you very much…

    Also, one of the most disgusting dishes I’ve ever heard of is tripe.
    Basically it’s a French stew with nothing but cow stomachs (all 4 of them!) It takes three days of stewing before it’s edible. It reeks like hot sour milk and according to the tv chef who made the stuff, it tasted as if you were eating potting dirt with vinegar while you have acid reflux… Tasty!

  6. Cobra Says:

    WTF!? 3 squeek is sad !!! 🙁

  7. can't help it Says:

    Things is.. if beef or pork weren’t so common i bet we would be disgusted by it tooo…… i dont really like seriously i tried but i always imagine the face of the animal… *goosebumps*

  8. Maak Says:

    Forgot the Most Disgusting dish…FETUS SOUP – it is real

  9. BugzNCheezGurl52 Says:

    omg if any of u vote Bugz N’ Cheez u wil get an unwelcoem guest at ur door and it is ME !!!!!!!!

  10. Eric Says:

    Dog meat tastes like horse and beef but more soft. Nothing gross about it. For me, Hakarl is more disgusting.

  11. jajajaja Says:

    very funny and stupid that “dog meat” should be voted as most disgusting (probably reflecting a very western demographic in voters), they might as well have nominated “human meat” then that would’ve been #1 nastiest in 99% of the world’s demographics

  12. rebecca Says:

    One of the most disquesting things you can ever eat is surcherral fish from sweden. It is a fish packed with enough salt to prevent the raw fish from rotting. It usually comes in a can. The smell is offensive and so is the taste of the fish itself.

  13. Kim Says:

    There’s this “drink” they make in South America, the women chew corn until it’s mushy and spit it into a brewing pot of other stuff they are “cooking” or making (I don’t want to know) but after enough mushy chewed corn and, obviously, the saliva of the chewing women is mixed in, it is processed and given to YOU to DRINK. Supposedly it is “alcoholic” but I am not sure even the bravest home made beer drinker from the Midwest would have the courage to try this drink.
    There are also fried Tarantulas in Thailand and cooked large centipedes in Laos, you might want to look into those.
    Some plant based foods are gross, too. “100 year old egg” is popular in Asia.

  14. Kim Says:

    In North America it was supposedly a delicacy at one time to serve bull scrotum as well…

  15. Brandon Osborn Says:

    Dog meat is delicious! I bet a lot of us have eaten dog meat and had no idea. If prepared properly, it’s quite tasty.

  16. joshua jones Says:

    The monkey brains does not sound particularly pleasant to you but put it this way- I’ve tried it and it is disgusting!!!

  17. Animal Abuse Squad Says:

    Oh my gosh, why would people be so cruel to animals as to serve their customers monkey brains? Warthog anus? Bull penis? Baby mice wine? Look, these people have got to be kidding. Who the fuck agrees? Sorry for such language, but this is so damn ridiculous. And yet I’m on the wrong side of the internet again. -_-

  18. UrMom Says:

    Stupid fucking retards voting for dog meat… This is the dumbest list to vote on.
    Different place, different culture. We also eat animals like cow, horse, sheep, etc… Just because a dog is a pet in many countries doesn’t mean it’s sacred and can’t be touched for anything else than being a pet.

  19. gayle Says:

    i like all of its nasty and not fit for humane comsumtion

  20. Gary Says:

    WTF!! All this complaining about cruelty and yet we eat sheep. We cut them up. We sell their hearts. What is crueler than that??? Just kidding. Cannibalism (human) is still practiced… So shouldn’t that be the most disgusting delicacy? Or are we going to pull the anti-Asian race card and vote dog meat.

  21. Michael Smith Says:

    The Three Squeaks is fake look it up

  22. Noice Says:

    this is gay

  23. Elin Says:

    I’m quite suprised that the Swedish stinky delicacy Surströmming (Fermented Herring) isn’t on the list

  24. Marvin Says:

    Dog meat only scored the highest because we see them as pets not food. It is disgusting but only because they are our pets – it is not along the same lines as eating an anus, a brain or baby mice !!

  25. Timmayy Says:

    I’ve had Hakarl in Iceland. It was the ammonia that traveled up my nasal cavity through to my nose that was the worst. My father told me war stories when he was in the Korean conflict about the locals eating dog. They had a flat rock outside their huts to do the dirty work.

  26. Aidan Says:

    A lot of people are saying eating dog is the same as eating other meat. Maybe a lot of people who voted for that DON’T eat other meats, either. But dog is different, because dogs are uniquely co-evolved with humans, unlike cows or even the clever pig. A LOT of these are both disgusting and cruel. Anything requiring live mammal torture is kind of unconscionable. I’m not particularly turned off by what parts are served, but the animals in question all kind f matter and there is a lot of cruelty in this list. “Different cultures” is no excuse to accept suffering. Here in America we have a brutal and terrible system of torture in the factory farming industry; unless you buy from a humane farmer running a traditional farm or ranch, it’s nothing any feeling person ought to be okay with, unless they are especially ethically stunted. On that note, another commenter mentioned tripe, which is very common across many cuisines in different preparations and can be delicious, if you consume beef or pork (which I generally do not but have in the past). I quite liked it-it doesn’t taste like dirt; that chef must not be very good. There are also different kinds of tripe with…not textures, exactly, more structure or grain…different mouthfeels. I think I was partial to honeycomb.

  27. Michele Albrecht Says:

    Eating barky fur babies is something most of us would never think of doing, and think people who do it are nuts. But… I have a friend in China, who loves dog meat. Born and raised there, she has been eating it for her whole life. They cannot understand how we eat, and why we eat this way. They cannot fathom owning something you arent going yo eat. Dogs and cats do not matter there. They normally will eat anything. Rice goes with everything (it really does). They cannot understand why we are so limited in our cuisine.
    Why we do not eat good things like tarantula, maggots, and bat, to name a few. As for me, i only eat ham and bacon from the pig, beef from the cow, turkey, and chicken breast. Im more of a vegetable and fruit person. Im really surprised the wonderful DURIAN isnt on there. Most disgusting fruit ever!!

  28. camille Says:

    “UrMom” probably won’t see this but thanks for having common sense! it’s a breath of fresh air seeing someone that isnt retarded in the comments

  29. Zachary Says:

    I think it is the warts hog anus.

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