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Kutti Pi – Fresh Goat Fetus

Kutti Pi Screenshot.
Screenshot from National Geographic short video about the preparation of kutti pi.

Kutti pi, which is an Anglo-Indian dish consisting of an animal fetus (of any sort- usually goat or cow). National Geographic published a video of a woman preparing the dish on YouTube.

Merchants at spare parts markets sell kutti pi though doing so is taboo, so they deliver the dish to her home rather than selling it on camera.

Supply of kutti pi is hit or miss with availability determined by if a pregnant mother goat (or other animal) was recently slaughtered. The lady preparing the dish suggests a medium sized kutti pi is ideal as it yields plenty of flesh to eat, yet the goat fetus still remains free of hair.

The ideal stage of the fetus is beyond embryo state but of course not yet live. If you split the difference on the following two images it would be almost perfect.

Goat Embryo.
Goat Embryo.

An embryo is the early stage of the animal development where critical body structure and organs are formed. In humans an embryo switches over into the fetus stage 9 weeks after the egg is fertilized or in the 11th week of a pregnancy. Humans have a 40 week or 280 day gestation period. Goats, by contrast, have a 5 month or 150 day gestational period.

Young baby goats grazing on grass on a farm.
Baby goats grazing on grass on a farm.

A female goat is called a doe or nanny and can reach puberty between 4 to 12 months.

Not sure what makes me more quesy; all the organs for sale in the market or the fact shes’s holding her modern car keys while bargaining for a fetal goat.

Submitted by Alli.

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2 Comments on “Kutti Pi – Fresh Goat Fetus”

  1. Scott Says:

    Thanks for the information on this website, it is comforting in the somber days of restricted food intake.

  2. Andrew Says:

    I farm goats and have eaten almost every variation of goat meat imaginable (Boodog to raw penis) and overall the foetus was quite nice.

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