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Cooked Dog Meat :(

Cooked Dog Heads

This is all I could find about this certain “delicacy”.

Dog meat is eaten in some countries and certain breeds of dogs are raised on farms and slaughtered for their meat. Dog meat may be consumed as an alternative source of meat or for specific medicinal benefits attributed to various parts of a dog. In parts of the world where dogs are kept as pets, people generally consider the use of dogs for food to be a social taboo.

Cultural attitudes, legalities, and history regarding eating dog meat varies from country to country. Very little statistical information is available on attitudes to the consumption of dog meat. Though the consumption of dog meat is generally viewed as taboo in Western culture, some Westerners support the right to eat dog meat and accuse other Westerners who protest against dog eating in other countries of cultural imperialism and intolerance

Submitted by Jianu Lucian

Vietnam Dog Meat Merchant

As of 2014 it is estimated 25 million dogs are eaten globally each year.

Added: a comment linked to the following news article: China’s pork crisis piques interest in dog and cat meat, as animal activists raise the alarm over illegal slaughter

Pork vendors are complaining about losing market share to dog meat sellers

“They have taken away a lot of our business this year because now dog meat, as well as cat meat, is cheaper than pork and beef,” said the vendor, while pointing at a dog meat stand doing a roaring trade at the city’s bustling Ximen fresh market in December.

And people are suggesting dog meat is a great gift as it becomes more mainstream.

“Dog meat tastes better than pork. Why not choose dog meat to treat guests, because it’s no longer affordable to order pork?” – Luo Liu, Jiangxi resident

Cooked Dog Heads

Here is a disturbing video on Twitter of a Chinese man cooking a live dog. 🙁

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41 Comments on “Cooked Dog Meat :(”

  1. Kim Su Bin Says:

    This dish originated in korea as dog soup then I t spread to the rest of Asia

  2. Sally Says:

    That is just cruel. Who ever posted that you are a bitch

  3. trish Says:

    the picture is gross but a roasted whole cow or goat or pig head would be just as gross, sure dogs are cute but why are they discriminated against at the dinner table? why’s a dog considered gross when we eat lots of other animals in western culture? dogs have just as much right to be eaten as pigs or chickens. i’d rather eat it than have its fur everywhere in my house anyway.

  4. Quat Hoang Nguyen Says:

    When I lived in Vietnam, I am very like to eat ” Dog Meat “. Evrey afternoon, when I left company, I came to restaurant ” Dog Meat “. Now, I want to cook ” Dog Meat ” but I can’t. I want to study to cook ” Dog Meat “

  5. Jaime Gianola Says:

    You are all sick bastards!!!

  6. Bullet Says:

    Man has developed beyond this. Anyone that contemplates this is not human. Simple.

  7. Annie Says:

    This is just plain GROSS!!! Quat Hoang, you are the worst person in the world. How can you stand to eat the dogs? This is animal cruelty. Whichever country or state eats this, f*** you!!!

  8. deborah Says:

    im a vegeterian and its both gross and cruel to eat anything with a face.
    Asian people are sick!

  9. peace Says:

    theese asian people are both cruel and wrong ….eating dogs is animal cruelty and must be stopped i wish i could sue anybody who kills let alone slaughter a dog on purpose anybody who eats a dog to me is a complete idiot

  10. Todd Says:

    Dog meat isn’t something I have any desire to try, but logically where do we draw the line between eating an animal such as a dog, and another animal such as a cow? It’s hypocrisy to say it’s cruel to eat a dog but then ok to eat meat from other animals such as cows, pigs or chickens. Or is cruelty just based on an animal’s perceived intelligence? Besides, it’s natural for humans to eat meat as we evolved from ancient hunter/gatherer cultures anyway.

  11. Kiko Says:

    Wow deborah! You’re a vegetarian and a f#%ing Racist! Go kill yourself!

  12. Augustus Says:

    Whoa.. didn’t expect you guys to be so surprised, I guess you guys have to see The Meat Video 😀
    (Well.. Google it!) but y’know I still like to eat whatever tasty animals out there, because they’re tasty! ;d well have a good time!

  13. Bear Grylls & Chuck Norris Says:

    Bear Grylls: Sure it is cruel and bad, but meat is meat isn’t it? In older times dog would have been normal to eat just like cow and pig and the habit has continued in China. Simple.

    Chuck Norris: Whoever thinks it is good to eat will be broken.

  14. Puppies Says:


  15. DogMeatJones Says:

    I dont care what people eat. Just make sure dinner is on time, ladies.

  16. drew Says:


  17. Rin Says:

    Do you know that pigs are smarter than dogs? You don’t see many people rising up for eating pork or beef. You don’t see many people calling that animal cruelty. Americans raise pigs and cows just to eat them in AFOs or CAFOs too. They’re both animals, aren’t they? Hating cultures and people that eat dog meat just because of your emotional attachment shows that you have a total lack of respect for such cultures and people. Man has developed past eating dogs? So are we to spare only one species while the rest get birthed only to be eaten? Honestly, I don’t see why people are so against this.

  18. Wax Says:

    I believe its entirely based on culture. Some places in the world eat frogs, snails, lizards, snakes insects, dogs, cats, chickens, turkys, pigs, cows ect. If It is alive and you have nothing else to feed yourself and your family its an easy choice to make. Eat or perish. I see nothing wrong with it. To all of you that think its sick/nasty/ inhuman or inhumane I think you need to understand that as long as the animal is not made to suffer and given a quick death then what is done with the remains should not matter.

  19. Don Says:

    Alright lets clear this up, people that pull the race card, shut the fuck up. Nobody cares because we’ve all heard the stereotype millions of times. Also people that think that eating dog is wrong, it’s not. It’s means for a survival, I doubt that any of you on here struggle daily and go days without eating, then you come here and see what people do to survive and cry about how inhumane it is because dogs are intelligent creatures. Yeah, it’s sad but guess what, they are also feeding intelligent creatures, humans. It’s not like any asian or person for that matter is like, “Hey guys let’s eat dog meat for dessert MMMMM”, are people really that simple-minded that they don’t understand that it’s just means for survival.

  20. Al Says:

    In those cultures dogs may not be looked upon as pets. You may think it is sick, but in other parts of the world you are looked upon as a monster for eating beef, pork, chicken. Put the shoe on the other foot.

  21. Swift Eddie Says:

    How dare some of you condemn this practice, when our esteemed U.S. President, B. Hussein Obama, is an admitted dog-eater. Because he is the most wonderful person that ever walked the surface of the Oceans, we must now all grab Sparky and Fido, and throw them in the oven. YUM…YUM!

    Swift E.

  22. vic Says:

    some people are so narrow-minded. saying that people who eat dogs are disgusting is the same as someone saying we should stop cutting trees.

  23. deb Says:

    I’m sorry I’m an animal lover but I have to agree with a couple of these posts..Pretty much every animal including horse is eaten somewhere on the earth and its ok. So why should a dog be subjected any different? if its because you can teach them tricks, well u can teach cats, horses, & birds too! Reguardless why be hypocrits towards someone elses culture when we as americans are really no different?!?

  24. Logan Says:

    I agree deb, it is sad for me to see this happen but it is a part of cultures. People may think we are sick because we eat cows, or pigs, even duck, or chicken.

  25. ahpukuh Says:

    All of you bigots just wait till your hungry, you’ll eat Spot too

  26. Johnny Says:

    God will will punish the people who torture dogs and that’s a promise

  27. Andrew Says:

    Hey ‘deborah’ what are you? Hippie? Vegan? Bleeding Heart? Seriously its no different to eating cows anyway. Poor mournful creatures… BLAH BLAH BLAH. Go hug a tree or stand in front of a livestock train or hug a water buffalo. And in relation to “gross and cruel to eat anything with a face” well did you know that lettuce has a head and heads are usually attatched to faces! =)

  28. Anubis Says:

    Ok many of the people commenting here are not very bright and repeat the same thing to defend this. FUN FACT: 1. Many dogs for dog meat are STOLEN pets. 2. They are also tortured and abused on purpose! If you support stealing, abuse and torture you are not a good person. This has nothing to do with race or country, stop using “tradition” as an excuse! NO excuse for abuse, no matter the animal. If you want to know more about the black market of abuse for dog/cat meat, Google: Mark Chang dog rescue, he has evidence & recording how the “people” (monsters) who do that are aggressive and only do it to enjoy torture. I don’t care what meat people eat but if it supports abuse it needs to be banned!

  29. Not Big Says:

    I eat a dog every day because a dog a day keeps the munchies away

  30. Sacrificial Arts Says:

    Here, let’s get this straight. Let’s be blunt and face reality. I’m from America and I believe eating dogs and cats is sick. No, I’m not a vegetarian. I would gladly eat a steak or a chicken wing any day. Why? Because that’s how I’m raised. That’s who I am. Suck it up. I have 3 cats, 2 dogs. I am a cat lover and I love dogs equally. So, I think eating them is messed up. I wouldn’t eat my dog or cat. That’s just me. I would like to believe that I wouldn’t dare consider eating one of my beloved pups or cats even if I was starving to death. I know a friend who has a chicken. She collects the eggs from her everyday. She still would have no problem eating a chicken. That’s her. Someone from India might have a cow as a pet, and completely shun anyone who eats cows. They might be a vegetarian. Maybe a vegan. I don’t know. They would shun me for eating a steak. That’s them. Someone from a country who eats dogs and runs a dog farm might have a dog as a pet, they might not. They will be glad to eat a dog or a cat any day. They will think someone is stupid for believing that eating dogs or cats is wrong. That’s them. Someone who is happy to eat snails is glad to eat snails and might ignore someone who thinks eating snails is disgusting. That’s them. Point is, we all have different cultural norms, we all are raised differently, and we all have different tastes. That’s that. Nothing you can do. You are free to express your opinion, but fighting someone over a website that in reality is 5,000 miles away from you doesn’t do any good. Finding them and smacking them in the face for eating dogs is not any good. Killing them isn’t effective, in fact, you will be charged with murder. At least, that’s how it is here in America. Don’t try to change someone’s personal beliefs, opinions, and/or thoughts. America grants people the right to Life, Liberty, And Pursuit of Happiness. If you live in a different country, you have different rules. That’s that. Being a US citizen and killing someone over “OMG THEY EAT DOGS” is, a crime. You deny them life. You deny them liberty. You deny them Happiness. By god they might enjoy running a dog farm and that’s their life. That’s them. In the end, we are all souls that pass around back and forth. We go places after we die. Those dogs souls are not anywhere bad. Because, I think, that’s what you are worried about. Them. Torture. Pain. Grief. Loss. Sorrow. Hurting. Pain. Someone who eats dogs might agree with me on this, torturing a dog before you kill it to eat it is horrible. I eat lamb, sheep, cow, pig, chicken, you name it. I think torturing the poor animals before killing them is a crime. That’s me. Some of you might think that they are just animals, they don’t have lives. Our souls go into oblivion after we die, and everyone feels pain and torture. You might think torturing a person is not bad. Maybe your family member. Maybe yourself. Now, I agree with this and hope many will too, but THAT is the real crime. This is what we should worry about. (No, aethiests aren’t harming anybody.) Anyways, trying to change someone’s ideas just won’t work. It doesn’t. You know this. So stop trying. There’s nothing we can do. Anyone can do. Ever. And that’s that.

  31. Cheese Says:

    Cool meat good yum

  32. Rashida Miller Says:

    dogs, pigs, donkeys and many others is haram for you to consume period

  33. Absolutely Disgusting Says:

    They are still eating dog in China in 2020. After last year’s spike in pork price more people are now starting to eat dog.

    China’s pork crisis piques interest in dog and cat meat, as animal activists raise the alarm over illegal slaughter

  34. Shame on Y'all Haters Says:

    To all of you people who are saying that this is disgusting: nobody asked for your opinion. If you hate this and call it injustice then why are you reading this article?? It doesn’t make sense for you to be reading and commenting on this website- the only reason you’re posting this is because you sook it out! If you were raised to love dogs, great. If you think eating dog is wrong, great. Keep your opinions to yourselves- nobody wants to hear that what they’re eating is “shameful and wrong”.

  35. caleb gotham Says:

    Looks tasty i love me a good roasted dog

  36. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Deborah- That is screwed up. You are a racist b :).
    Hi DogMeatJones- That is screwed up. You are a sexist a.
    Hi Annie- That’s just a part of culture. You are stupid.
    Hi peace- That’s just a part of culture. You are stupid.

  37. Owen Says:

    People are allowed to eat dogs because is a part of Asian culture and it isn’t your business to be racist about diets. Hi PUPPIES, pigs are pets in some areas.

  38. Sondra Moore Says:

    Im sitting on the couch with my two children, my fur children! F##k all of you that actually think eating dogs is ok! It is sick! It is evil period!! Bash me i do not care! So if you think its ok to eat a sweet loving, pet! Then take your A## TO FRIGGING CHINA! OR WHEREVER THEY DO THAT! YOU ARE ALL SICK !!! NO MATTER WHAT I WOULD DIE BEFORE U WOULD EAT A SWEET LIL DOG OR CAT! ALL OF YOU THAT DO WILL GO STRAIGHT TO HELL! YOU DO NOT THINK SO? YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN HELL? WELL WHEN YOU DIE YOU DANG SURE WILL

  39. Calvin Says:

    I mean it isn’t it fine to eat an animal? But to show a video of you killing it? That’s cruel. I am a vegan and I can understand you eating meat, but showing a video of you killing it f*** you.

  40. Ashley Says:

    I can’t believe a person would torture an animal like that. I was once fishing in Canada and I didn’t like the idea of them killing the fish, but then old mother-f#@*er Joe comes along and gets the meat, and throws the fish in the bucket ALIVE! That’s what this person is doing, while taking a f*$#ing video!

  41. Jacob Says:

    I hate you

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