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Deer Placenta Soup

Beautiful deer in a park.
Beautiful Deer in a Park.

The placenta is a temporary organ which provides oxygen and nutrients to growing spawn while removing waste products from the spawn’s blood. It attaches to the wall of the uterus and the umbilical cord is attached to it.

In Traditional China Medicine there is a belief that some postpartum women are cool due to losing Qi (life force) and drinking tea with placenta broth can help aid her recovery.


Stem cell therapies may be able to treat many diseases and conditions, but the hype has run ahead of reality and many treatments are not FDA approved.

The placenta is a flexible organ, yielding a rather chewy texture. Deer placenta soup can be served with mushrooms, flowers, black chicken, and deer tendon in the broth. It is believed to be good for skin, kidneys, vitality and sexual vitality.

Deer placenta extract is sold online at many alternative health websites, though it is often sold using scientifically unproven claims via pyramid schemes claiming it as a cure for cancer. Countries ranging from Singapore to the Philippines have warned against extreme marketing promises like reversing the aging process.

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  1. Michael Hughes Says:

    Not surprisingly, deer placenta is also sold in encapsulated form as an herbal medicine. The following description comes from an “Anti-Candida Web Mall:”

    “Placenta is an embryonic tissue formed during pregnancy from the cells of the fetus. The unique biological compounds in placenta ensure that the fetus is supplied with the necessary nutrients and oxygen needed for successful growth. Chinese anti-aging and restorative formulations have often relied upon placenta as a primary ingredient in formulations designed to rejuvenate the body. Deer placenta has been accepted as the premier source of placenta. Deer is considered to be a “higher order” animal, and deer placenta very closely resembles human placenta chemically. It is extraordinarily nourishing and is completely safe to consume.”

  2. John Says:


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