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South American Telmatobius Frog Smoothie

Telmatobius aquatic frog.
Isolated photo of a telmatobius aquatic frog on white background.

In some South American countries like Peru people may take endangered Telmatobius frogs, skin and cut them, then throw them into a blender to make a frog smoothie.

titicaca waterfrog
Photo of the underside of a titicaca water frog isolated on black background.

To complete the dish a few other ingredients are added to the blender:

  • three ladles of hot white bean broth
  • two generous spoonfuls of honey
  • raw aloe vera plant
  • several tablespoons of maca
  • 1 dead, skinned, endangered Telmatobius frog
Woman blending a frog smoothie.
Woman blending a frog smoothie.

The above recipe makes about 200ml of smoothie.

Frog Smoothie.
Man Drinking a Frog Smoothie.

Here is a video showcasing of the process of making a frog smoothie.

Some believe this helps with fatigue, anemia, bronchitis, or stress. These uses have not been approved by the FDA.

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2 Comments on “South American Telmatobius Frog Smoothie”

  1. Rob Says:

    I understand that different cultures eat different things and I say to each their own, but I think it’s very wrong to eat any endangered species.

  2. camille Says:

    i agree rob

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