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Widgety Grubs – Giant Australian Tree Maggots

widgety grubs

Widgety grubs – giant tree maggots here in Australia, about the size of a human thumb. Eat raw and wiggling. I’ve tried them, they are kind of gooey and eggy, but they can bite your tongue if you forget to bite their heads off.

Submitted by Bernice, Photo by Richard Giles

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6 Comments on “Widgety Grubs – Giant Australian Tree Maggots”

  1. max bell Says:

    yum il tear that shit up

  2. Bon Apetite Says:

    Bear Grylls has done it. 😀 Not-That-Disgusting.

  3. chikapon Says:

    I am looking for a place to buy them. Did you get them fresh or dried?

  4. Tucker Bag Says:

    My mate Tony in Iowa says he’d eat them on toast in the morning with his Vegemite.
    Bloody nutter…

  5. Bobcat Says:

    LOLOLOL….. there dime a dozen out here where I live. I’m for ever throwing them out to the kookaburras when I’m debarking logs for fence posts.

  6. Jimmy Says:

    Few Insects are truly disgusting to eat aside from those which posess a defence mechanism to release a horrible taste into your mouth. I have eaten Witchety grubs before, as well as a few other raw insects like honeypot ants and termites. All are very nice. Warthog Anus however makes me feel sick…

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