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Kopi Luwak – Cat Crap Coffee!

kopi luwak

I can’t believe you didn’t list Kopi Luwak already! It’s basically coffee beans that have first been “processed” by being swallowed, then excreted whole by a civet cat. You then process it like you would any other coffee. Apparently the enzymes and acids in the civet’s digestive system impart special qualities to the coffee that make it a special delicacy.

More background information here:

I guess that if you serve it and your guests complain that “the coffee tastes like shit”, you can reply with “yes, yes it does!”

Submitted by Tony Emond

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2 Comments on “Kopi Luwak – Cat Crap Coffee!”

  1. mark Says:

    It is from shit, but does not taste like shit.

  2. steve Says:

    It is an extraordinary coffee..hope that i can taste it 🙂

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