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Three Squeaks


(unfortunately, this is the closest I could find to an image of this dish… but this is fairly accurate from what I understand)

“Three Squeaks” is the literal translation from the Chinese name of this dish and hails from a variety parts of China, mainly in the Guangdong (Canton) Provence. The reason why it is called “Three Squeaks” is due to the sounds made when eating this dish. Contrary to some popular belief, this is not an urban legend dish.

The appetizeresque dish are newly born mice (still hairless and barely able to open their eyes). It is typically served with some type of cold soy based sauce. The first squeak is when the mouse/rat is picked up with the chopsticks. The second is when the mouse/rat is dipped into the sauce (temperature change causing the squeak). The third is when the mouse/rat is placed into your mouth (another temperature change).

Typically, they are very newborn and thus the bone structure is still fairly loose. I’ve heard that these have been served wrapped in seaweed before, but that may be more rumored than anything else.

Submitted by ChicagoKid

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30 Comments on “Three Squeaks”

  1. Michael Hughes Says:

    This dish is likely an urban legend:

    “There are a number of other Chinese dishes (as collected from Chinese sources) that are legendary. Legendary is used in the sense that the stories are passed around and are widely known, but it is impossible to find a restaurant that serves these exotic dishes, although there are plenty of rumors about who eats it (some other group), where you can get it (someplace else) and often when it was available (in the past). The “true” stories are frequently told as classic friend-of-a-friend (usually a grandfather) accounts.
    * Live monkey brains
    * Live goose feet, fried on the grill while the animal dances about
    * Live bear paws, fried on the grill while the animal dances about
    * Live rat embryos (Three Squeaks)”

  2. ChicagoKid Says:


    The website that you left is interesting, however you failed to either read all the way through or post the disclaimer on the “legendary” dishes, specifically:

    “It is unlikely that any of these are regularly eaten anywhere, although they may be thought of as local delicacies. These are examples I have personally seen on television shows.”

    I have had one friend eat this dish while living in China, so unfortunately I don’t have a personal account of this.

  3. n900 Says:

    ChicagoKid, I’m affraid it is you who failed to understand or read thoroughly the linked article.

    The line that you cited – “It is unlikely that they are regularly eaten….” does not refer to the legendary dishes that Michael listed. It is just a footnote referring to a table several paragraphs below the text cited by Michael and it refers specifically to Rats, Worms and Ants.

    Therefore it does not imply that live monkey brains or rat embryos are actualy real dishes.

    The whole linked article suggests that all those exotic dishes (consisting mostly of live animals) are extremely unpluasible and any effort to research them shows that it is impossible to prove that they do exist.

    All traces lead to “unsubstantiated reports” just like your report that you “have had one friend eat this dish while living in China” – it is imposible to find a single person who has eaten one of these dishes rather than “heard about someone who has” or “had a friend who have” etc.

    Moreover the article explains in a sound, reasonable and plausible way, what is the mechanism in which these legends are born and why do they spread with such ease.

    Fact is that many horrible and bizzare things make their way to the internet (I’m talking about fact here, not rumours). Videos of executions, murders and torture float through the web, not hard to find. And yet there is no documentation of the legendary dishes, such as the three squeaks you insist to be true. Don’t you find that a bit odd?

  4. JM Says:

    Normally i would think of this more likely to be an urban legend, however I know a chinese girl just recently moved to the UK who has given detailed accounts of eating both the three queeks dish aswell as ducks feet (cooked with the live animal on a hot plate) all the while giggling – otherwise shes a great person.

    It comes down to culture.

  5. n900 Says:

    You see JM – exactly as I’ve said before. You “know a chinese girl just recently moved to the UK who has given detailed accounts of eating”… always a second-hand relation. I’ve yet to see someone backing this myth up from the first person perspective in a discussion such as this one. I’ve done a lot of internet research and never did I found any proof. Other than that, just read the last paragraph of my previous comment.

  6. Drew Says:

    Ok I don’t know if I could do the 3 squeaks. I have done dog and many other COOKED delicacies but raw baby mouse. I don’t know…

  7. Annie Says:

    People who eat dog, f*** you. To the people who eat this, f*** you too.

  8. Sammi Says:


    What’s wrong with dog? Sure, it’s a common pet, but I’d be willing to try to eat it. As for raw baby mouse… I wouldn’t personally eat it as I prefer my meat cooked, but I wouldn’t frown on those who do eat it.

  9. sara Says:

    Went o stay with my uncle and his wife in Hong Kong and witnessed thre
    e live monkeys brought o the able next to ours whereupon the man made gesures obviously chosing his monkey and the chef? waiter ? pu the monkey it to a harness vice thing and bashed is head in !!!!
    F***ing Horrific ! made me vommit couldnt get the image out of my head for ages, now its back ! If theres a depraved way of torturing something man will find an excuse. originally apparently the climate and weather was so extreme they had periods of extreme famine and thus turned to vermin and other creatures seemingly unpallettable for sustainance . still dont understand why they have to bash the monkeys head in though!

  10. spiritbody Says:

    What the f**k is wrong with the world? Seriously f**ked up people. have a word with yourselves

  11. KC100 Says:

    I saw this covered on a documentary show here in the Philippines. I can’t remember what’s the title of the show but this one is definitely true.

  12. HansDampf Says:

    I live in China for many years, I have been chasing all these dishes =>
    * Live monkey brains
    * Live goose feet, fried on the grill while the animal dances about
    * Live bear paws, fried on the grill while the animal dances about
    * Live rat embryos (Three Squeaks)”

    I have successfully found
    – Alive boiled cat
    – NOT alive monkey brain
    – not as nasty, but also, live shrimp (drunken shrimp the dish name)
    AND dadadaddaaaa since a couple of days in a small city in china, near Lianzhou in Guangdong….
    Three squeaks ! i ate one, and that’s enough for the rest of my life…

    Im surprised nobody mentioned the half bred eggs in vietnam/thailand yet 😀


  13. Mathew Alex Says:

    Yes, I don’t see whats so bad about eating dog. I might be willing to give it a try even if the meat might be a bit tough. Raw mice embryos though? Gross! I’ve had sushi but thats as close to raw I wanna get!

  14. Jeffrey Sun Says:

    Pigs are smarter than dogs. The only reason people feel so strongly about them is because of the societal attachment for them, just like cows in India or swans in China. To vilify the consumption of an animal simply because of it’s place in your culture shows great lack of cultural respect.

  15. ah_sheat Says:

    disturbing to say the least…but different strokes for different folks i guess.

  16. angela Says:

    anyone who can bring themselves to eat the flesh of a sentient being is lower than scum.

  17. Amit Says:

    YOU ARE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE! the poor animal is in pain when it dies, and we humans love dogs! they provide us with so much love and affection. YOU ARE ALL SICK

  18. Jan Says:

    I’ve seen the 3 Squeaks on the table in front of me although I did not partake. I did, however, eat the camel and fried scorpions and a bit of the venison as well. I’ve eaten all manner of creatures in the past but I have been a very happy locavore vegetarian for a few years now. (I don’t care what you eat at all as it’s none of my business.) Through those experiences I came to understand that meat is meat no matter if it’s a cow, pig or golden retriever and denouncing one while eating the other is hypocritical. There is a really twisted view of pets in the US, where we treat them like children and project human emotions on them (human love being the biggest), yet we feed them pet food that includes other animals in the form of slaughterhouse offal and sometimes ground up animal tissue from the digestive tract etc. We feed ground cow to cows, which is how bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or Mad Cow Disease) gets into our food supply – cows eating ground up cow parts (recycled tissue known as meat and bone meal or MBM) which can have brains, spinal cords and digestive parts in it. Know that, no matter if you’re all organic, the people around you – our entire society in fact – are still eating that stuff and feeding it to their pets so be careful of pointing fingers at people of other cultures.

  19. Marc Says:

    People averse to eating dog have never seen packs of wild homeless dogs that run the streets of many less developed cities in the world. I wouldn’t have any problem eating one of these dangerous animals.

  20. Al Says:

    So you all comment here, or on the dog meat, but when you look at Warthog anus, 1 comment.

  21. vtech Says:

    Amit: I don’t love dogs. They are stupid and shit everywhere. I don’t eat them, but I have no problem with people who do.

  22. Cobra Says:

    HOW COULD SOMEBODY DO THIS!? Poor babys don’t even know whats happening! :'( What is the pleasure of eting something ALIVE!?

  23. Florian Says:

    Well i had dog in a KOREAN restaurant in Beijing – it was nothing special at all – tasted a bit like horse. I’d not eat it again as it does not taste as good as pork/beef and costs quadruple the price.

  24. pol Says:

    well, i had a pet chicken before who was my best friend providing me with love and affection. so once i saw this man eating chicken so i called him a sick person.

  25. Noelle Says:

    This is evil. Eating newborns! Redoncules, never in my 11yr old, fashionable, animal lover world!!!!!!!

  26. bill Says:

    Eating Dog is beyond wrong!

  27. Scott Says:

    “Contrary to some popular belief, this is not an urban legend dish.”

    Not a real dish that is eaten regularly. Notice how all the other submissions have pictures of the dishes??

  28. Kaitlin Says:

    To those saying they haven’t found proof of this dish, I have watched videos of people eating this and it is disgusting!

  29. Anit-Three-Squeak Says:

    this is just plain mean… but i understand, like monkey brains. but still, 🙁

  30. Kaye Says:

    I am a culinary tourist and have often tried to find various strange dishes. I have eaten dog before and It is quite delicious and I have also eaten this “Three Squeaks” But it should be called Four squeaks. When you bite down you get the final sqeak. When you bite down it is similar to eating duck foetus, and actually not too bad. However whilst I would eat dog again, I just might pass on “Three Sqeaks”.

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