Future Chefs: Culinary Resources for Kids

Children Making Pizza.Kids of all ages can learn a lot by helping grown-ups in the kitchen. This includes learning various types of measurements, the nutritional value of different foods and how to successfully follow a recipe. The following contains a variety of information for any child who expresses interest in learning to cook.

Recipes for Kids

When a child is learning how to cook it's best to begin with recipes that are simple to follow. These recipes often have ingredients that are familiar to most kids. For example, an easy recipe for blueberry muffins or mini-pizzas are fun selections to start with. After a child masters some simple recipes, he or she can build on that success by trying more complicated recipes with unfamiliar ingredients. Depending on the childs age, parents should always be available to supervise a kid's cooking project.

Basic Things to Know about Cooking

One of the most basic things that a parent can teach a child about cooking is to read the recipe before beginning to prepare the dish. In many cases, there are details included near the end of a recipe's directions that are important to know before starting to cook. In addition, parents should go over some common words used in cooking so a kid will understand the process. Introducing kids to various utensils in the kitchen is also a wise idea for parents. 

Safety in the Kitchen

The safety rules of a kitchen are important for parents to teach to a child. For instance, a child should know to keep the handles of pots and pans pointed inward toward the stove. Also, kids should be told why it's important to clean up a mess on a kitchen floor right away. By going over these and other rules, parents can help children become more responsible in the kitchen.

Ideas for Encouraging Kids to Help in the Kitchen

Putting kids in charge of making a particular dish is a great way to encourage them to participate with cooking tasks in the kitchen. With the help of a parent, a child can make a delicious dessert or appetizer to share with the family. The compliments and attention that kids receive from family members will likely encourage them to try another recipe. A feeling of success is an effective motivator for a child to explore his or her cooking talents.

Programs to Learn More about Cooking

Cooking classes and clubs for kids who are enthusiastic about making recipes are just two of the programs suitable for future chefs! Kids who join these programs receive encouragement from their instructors and peers. Also, it's a great way for kids to meet other young people who share the same interests.