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Nambian Warthog Anus

warthog anus

The most disgusting dish I’ve ever seen (and I’ve actually eaten sheep’s head, stinkhead, and moose nose jelly) is the Namibian Warthog Anus that Anthony Bourdain feasted on when he took a trip into the African bush with Namibian bushmen. To cook Namibian Warthog Anus, kill and gut the warthog and pull out the anus with the last 1 foot of intestine attached. Squeeze out the feces, but don’t wash the anus or intestine. Make a fire and throw the juicy anus directly into it, ignore the dirt and ashes that will cover the anus. When the anus is al dente – be sure not to cook it too long – cut it into bite sized pieces and serve immediately. For a picture, check out this video:

This is one time when well done is eminently desirable, but no, this Hershey highway is served al dente.

Submitted by Laurie Constantino

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3 Comments on “Nambian Warthog Anus”

  1. Phil E. Drifter Says:

    I just puked a little, in my mouth.

  2. patrick Says:

    Sounds tasty. Do they have rectum relish to go with.

  3. Oahu Hawaii Says:

    Video is no longer available:

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